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Collab’s Pitch Day brings the Filipino youth at the front of innovation

August 5, 2019 ⁠— We’re rethinking the way technology is used to solve problems, putting purpose first: building tech-enabled projects with young people driven by mission.

Developh is kicking off Collab with Pitch Day on August 24 (Saturday), 2019 at the Amazon Philippines Office in Taguig, City. At the intersection of technology & design, entrepreneurship, activism, and creation for impact – we’re gathering over eighty diverse participants to explore what it means to tangibly build initiatives for social good powered by technology; and listen this generation of people making change who need help.

Collab is a by-students, for-students accelerator that works on impactful collaborations with mission-based organizations, working to scale their impact with technology; focusing on working with underrepresented Filipinos to build for good and upskill with technology. After Pitch Day, Developh is hosting a virtual incubator to directly build on the pitched projects with the organization providing capital, mentorship, technical guidance, and more.

The first youth-driven event of its kind in the Philippines, Collab aims to use technology as a bridge to solving problems. Developh recognizes that technology has given us the potential to change the world from our bedrooms; we believe that capacity can make a difference in the Philippines. We’re not just conceptualizing or talking: we’re here to build directly with technology and change the world. Through multimedia that tells stories, websites that engage and inform, AI-driven apps that reach the masses: young people can disrupt healthcare, start cross-cultural dialogues for social justice and equality, or tangibly make change in reducing some of our nation’s greatest problems. We know this can happen, and we want more students to be a part of solving these problems.

One social good initiative that Developh supported was, a voter education project for the Philippine 2019 midterms. Launched in just a few days, the coverage project and informative website gained over 70,000 hits in its first week of launch; and later on engaged over five million Filipinos across all its platforms throughout election day and the vote count. ( In 2017, Developh hosted Mental Health Hacks: an online creation jam that welcomed over 70 projects tackling mental health and wellness from all over the world. Projects included animated videos, poetry books, web applications, 3D gear prototypes, and more.

In three years of operations, Developh found that the most meaningful projects begin with a vision and cause – and that every student wants to learn and change the world. Run and powered by students, we’ve understood gaps in our industries that can be filled by the potential of the youth – especially when magnified with tech. However, opportunities and programs in the technology sector frequently focus on technical people, and only few opportunities exist to directly upskill and work with students. This leads to 1.) people solving problems that don’t exist or are poorly-defined, or 2.) technology that does not serve the masses. Collab looks to solve that by investing in students, their passions, and directly engaging young people to change the world not just tomorrow – but today.

On Pitch Day, we’re hosting a one-day event for people to come together, ideate, dialogue, and build social initiatives sparked by technology. Workshops and panels featuring speakers from local doers with global impact will give our participants the foundations on how to found or scale their own projects. Our cohort of eight advocacy partners will pitch their background, causes, and proposals at the event.

Whether participants join these presented groups or start their own – participants find the foundations to make an impact.

After Pitch Day, online applications will be released to join these partner organization’s projects before they embark on the 2-month virtual incubator. After prototyping, building, and testing, these groups and more will return for a Demo Day focused on industry leaders by the end of 2019. Learn more at

The Collab incubator will begin on September 14.

Global Action Climate Summit

About Developh:

Developh is an international nonprofit investing in youth-led innovation for social good across the developing world. We run education and accelerator programs to build the student founder community, making technology more equitable. By uplifting and upskilling students to access technology to build meaningful things today, we can shift the technology pipeline to work for all. Since its founding in 2016, Developh has been recognized by (the largest women in tech conference in the world), We Are Family Foundation, and more.

For more information on participating organizations or Developh, reach out to us at or Chiara Amisola at / +639176314588

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