Year: 2019

PayMongo is putting payments in the hands of Pinoys

For the first time since 2013 and for only the second time ever, the Philippines has produced a startup entering the world’s premier accelerator, Y Combinator. From Manila to Mountain View, PayMongo is a FinTech startup looking to help local entrepreneurs and merchants to better their payment infrastructure — modernizing payments for the Philippines in a rapidly transforming digital economy. Founded in March of 2019, the quickly growing start-up has no shortage of all-star founders: starting with MIT-educated, Leyte born-and-raised CEO Francis Plaza to co-founder and lawyer Edwin Lacierda, a former Presidential Spokesperson under President Benigno Aquino. The Philippines has no shortage of company after company looking to revolutionize the payments sphere. FinTech is booming with its ability for rapid adoption amongst the growing digital economy that Filipinos from every social background are seeking to partake in. With mobile and internet penetration at over two-thirds of the population with no signs of stopping: virtually every Filipino is part of the market. However, financial access still remains a challenge for many — which is why many … is making tech political.

Just like everything else. There’s a growing need to make the things we build more intentional, and that comes with the awareness that technology has the power to inform rather than dissuade. For the Philippine 2019 Elections, the student-led team behind is making sure of that. Last December 2018, Developh launched the Build Fellowship to connect student developers and creators with mission-based projects. Aside from partnerships with NGOs and companies to build on existing projects or provide services, an interesting aspect of the Fellowship is its ability to support ventures from the ground-up. Through this, from conceptualization to teambuilding to development to launch, Developh creates along with the student team. Any resources, monetary and publicity needs of the like are are supported along the way. As part of the Build Fellowship’s first cohort, quickly launched and mobilized itself as a voter education tool for the Philippine 2019 Midterm Elections. Campaigning for progressives, the website serves as an accessible resource to highlight and collate information about different senatoriables in the midterm race. In a …

Get those Summer ’19 internships

On technology, design, entrepreneurship, and everything adjacent with creation: what better time to go out and make an impact than in the summer?Aside from gaining critical work experience (or, filling in your school’s required OJT hours), internships are an incredible way to get a sense of direction for your career early on. You can figure out what you like or dislike, see the kind of environment and work ethics that could vary greatly from industry to industry or even per city, and help affirm your major choices or the skills you’d like to develop. Another thing is that the right internship could be incredibly fulfilling — introducing you to incredible colleagues (and building on connections that could be invaluable later on) and generating work that you personally find meaningful and passionate about that can’t be found in your classroom. With that being said, here’s a list of internship openings around Metro Manila and some words of advice for you to chase those roles. Whether you’re an overachieving high school student new to the game or …

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